In the recent New Yorker article “What the Enron E-Mails Say about Us”, Nathan Heller notes the following: The tendency to weave stories where evidence is missing is the human brain’s sustaining feature, precipitating heroic actions, senseless love, and mindless hate. Over the last decade, Heller explains, the corpus of Enron emails released to the public have become the data for a number of analyses about business etiquette and communication styles. ... Read More
Like any good grad student, I have a tendency to procrastinate from time to time. A popular topic of distraction for those in academia seems to be looking for, testing, and fine tuning our workflow: how we manage our research, literature reviews, papers, odd-and-end writings, etc. Over the course of writing theses, course papers, grant proposals, conference presentations, and whatnot, I have certainly fallen prey to this form of procrastination. ... Read More
For anyone interested in getting Arch Linux on their MacBook Pro, a simple Google search will come up with many guides, Q&As, blog posts, and wiki entries. My intention in writing this is not to add more noise to this cacophony of advice or to reinvent the wheel. It’s just that in the process of getting a distro of GNU/Linux up on my machine in a way that works for me, I had to deviate a bit from the other recommendations out there. ... Read More

August 31, 2015

It’s taken a long time to get this site up. Not because it was difficult but because I’ve been looking for right setup. I had a WordPress site for a little while, but I feel it was overkill. I don’t blog that much, and I wanted a little more control over the layout and theming. So, I had thought of doing just a static webpage. I’ve done it before, but that takes a lot of work. ... Read More